Forensic Document Examination (FDE), as part of Forensic Services has its main laboratory located at the DCI headquarters-Nairobi. The laboratory provides National Forensic Document Examination Services to all geographical regions of the National Police Service, and  other government agencies within the republic as well as private companies and individuals.The Forensic documents examination laboratory was established in 1960  where it was situated at the former CID Headquarters, the present Nairobi area Police under the leadership of Mr. Thompson.The first African head of the Section was Mr. Wamalwa.


Provide scientific support, analysis and evidence in all matters involving documents in both criminal and civil cases in the republic. 

This includes forensic evidence related to:-

  • Analysis of handwriting and signatures
  • Analysis of stamp and seal impressions
  • Analysis of prints and printing processes
  • Detection of erasures alteration and obliteration
  • Examination of counterfeit currencies
  • Analysis of passports, visa and other travelling documents
  • Analysis of ink and paper
  • Giving expert opinions in courts

Message to public
When you feel that you have a fake document first report to the nearest police station and be advised where to take the documents for examination or write to the director of Directorate of Criminal Investigations and attach those documents.