The Eastern Africa Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) Counter Terrorism Centre of Excellence (CTCoE) was a creation of the EAPCCO Chiefs of Police through a resolution RES/EAPCCO/2012/CPC/14/8 of the 14th EAPCCO Annual General Meeting of 17th – 18th October 2012 in Kampala, Uganda.Following the resolution, Kenya successfully lobbied to host the Centre which is now domiciled at the DCI Headquarters complex.

1. To act as a think tank, liaison and coordination centre for Regional Counter Terrorism activities,
2. Coordinated planning and action against terrorism activities and
3. Sharing of experience and best practices among the member countries and other INTERPOL regions.

1. To collect terrorism related information and intelligence,analyze and share it in a timely manner with the relevant member countries and          police agencies.
2. To conduct research on topical issues on terrorism, radicalization and violent extremism in the region.
3. To conduct a comprehensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA) on CT in the region.
4. To develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for joint operations in the region.
5. To develop a counter terrorism strategy for the region.
6. To undertake and coordinate Regional CT capacity building activities including prevention of radicalization and facilitate  programmes for          de- radicalization and re-integration.
7. To develop Regional Risk/Threat Assessment tools and provide reports regularly
8. To submit periodic reports to the Chairman and the council on the implementation of CT Strategy and action plan.
9. Any other function as may be directed by the EAPCCO Chairman