Is a unit under Investigation Branch(IB) of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.


  • Investigating all criminal cases reported
  • Providing professional advise to government departments and other public institutions on matters related to crime
  • Investigating economic and commercial crime
  • Detecting and investigating all cases involving fraudulent land transactions
  • Investigating cases relating to homicide, organized crimes, kidnapping, trafficking in human beings and parts, pedophiles, juvenile delinquency, environmental crimes and all computer related crimes
  • Investigating all fraud cases reported by all banking institutions in Kenya
  • Investigating all fraud cases involving government ministries, departments and parastatals
  • Collecting, collating, analyzing, and disseminating of criminal intelligence
  • Updating criminal data bank
  • Detecting, apprehending and investigating of illicit drugs offences
  • Gathering and disseminating intelligence relating to illicit drugs to other law enforcement agencies
  • Investigating cases related to money laundering
  • Liaising with regional and international law enforcement agencies on illicit drugs operations
  • Collecting and disseminating intelligence on tax fraud
  • Establishing of surveillance points at border posts
  • Coordinating prosecutions in the law courts
  • Training court prosecutors
  • Investigating complaints arising from investigators, prosecutors, state counsels and judiciary department.