Land Fraud Unit under Investigation Branch of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations deals with fraud matters regarding land, to establish if genuinely acquired or through fraud.
Dispute of boundaries
Removal of beacons
Cases of trespass
Denied access to property
Land fraud cases are formally reported to the Public Complaints. The complainant is adviced accordingly and if they find the complaint warrants investigations, the complainant is referred to land fraud with a referral form. The Unit takes up the case or gives advice accordingly.
The unit requires assistance from members of the public to identifying cartels, fraudsters and conmen through, volunteering information that may lead to arrest of these fraudsters by recording statement, anonymous letters, telephone calls or some time visit the office to give such information.
Before buying land from anyone establish the following:-
That the land does exist
That the person selling the land is the owner
That the land does not have any incumbency or attached to a bank
That there is no dispute whatsoever.

The potential buyer must carryout due diligence before executing a sale agreement and before parting with any monies towards the purchase.
The buyer can engage a Lawyer to do the transaction on behalf of the two part