Crime scene support services is one of the sections within Forensic Investigation unit at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations department.

It offers reliable crime scene support services using scientific know-how to other forensic units and general investigators.


  • General crime scene management
  • Collection of trace evidence from crime scenes, fingerprints, footmarks, body fluid, tool marks, paint e.t.c.
  • Trap laying in conjunction with EACC
  • Restoration and verification of serial numbers of motor vehicles, tools, plastics and guns
  • Analysis of crime scene patterns e.g. Glass fracture, Blood spatter, Crime scene marks, and Burning patterns.
  • Crime scene documentation e.g. Photography, Videography, Sketch plan and note taking.
  • Explosive ordinance disposal and post blast investigations.
  • Training and giving lectures on matters relating to forensic investigations.
  • Presentation of crime reports and findings in courts of law.
  • Research on new techniques and methodologies applicable to crime scene investigation duties.
  • Exhibits/ evidence recovery, packaging and labeling.



    Report of criminal incidents immediately.
    Giving truthful information when reporting or recording statements.
    Not interfering with the scene to avoid loss of exhibits or loss of evidential value of exhibits.

Scene of crime tips

        Never rush to the scene as there could be a secondary device which could be more devastating than the first one.
        Try to observe for any funny character photographing video taking the scene or celebrating the incident
        If you can see a bomb, a bomb is also seeing you therefore run away from it
        If you don’t have any role to play please stay away as far as possible
        Leave the scene to the expert alone and anything found at the scene if you are not an expert
        Maintain scene integrity and never contaminate for evidence collection
        All first responders if not bomb experts should cordon the scene until more qualified person arrives and takes over.