It was established in the year 2013 following a semi autonomous status of the       Directorate of Criminal Investigation Police department. The unit was opened at the said headquarter in line with National Police Service functions. It is the Directorate’s eye in assessing the existing and recommending changes for effective and efficient performance of Directorate duties to satisfy our customer.

The branch is anchored on the following pillars:

 Pillar 1     Legislative Policy and Institutional Reforms

 Pillar 2    Police Accountability Reforms

 Pillar 3    Police Professionalism Reforms

 Pillar 4   Administrative Operational Preparedness and

Logistical Capacity Reforms

 Pillar 5    Monitoring  and Evaluation Systems


  • To transform the Directorate into efficient, effective, professional and accountable security agency that Kenyans can trust for safety and security
  • To focus largely on operational and administrative aspects besides institutional, legal and policy areas
  • To enhance Directorate to efficiency, effectiveness and institutionalize professionalism and accountability.
  • To periodically review tooling, logistical and technological capacity and recommend necessary changes to sustain modern security management.
  • To periodically review the conditions and security of the Directorates office and other buildings
  • To design a continuous monitoring and evaluation mechanism to track DCI reform.
  • To develop a prioritized implementation matrix categorizing the immediate, medium and long-term Directorate reforms and the tentative budgetary requirements to DCI.