The office is composed of Lawyers who are also advocates of the High Court.  The officers in Legal and Crime Affairs unit  provide high quality, timely and comprehensive  advice  to the Director, other Directorate officials and divisions and field offices on all aspects of law, particularly in the areas of Criminal Law,  public international Law, Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance provisions, procurement and contracting Law, Criminal  investigative law, Maritime and admirably law, The National  Police Service Act, East African Community  law , information law and   policy, all according to the will and  spirit of the Kenyan Constitution and all areas of investigations and prosecutions to which the Directorate  of Criminal Investigations-Kenya is involved.

In addition to providing legal advice as requested (L&CA) reviews the legal sufficiency of evidence, drafting of replying affidavits and plaints, ensures that preferred criminal charges are with the stated and defined law of the county and supports office of the Director  of public Prosecutions in criminal prosecution process. 

Legal and crime affairs in conjunction office of the attorney general and Director of public prosecution shall liaise to coordinate the defense of the directorate and its employees in civil actions which arise out of the directorates investigative mission and personnel matter (L/CA) shall also provide quality legal training for the directorate, the National Criminal Investigations academy and other Law enforcement agents.


  • To provide legal assistance on all matters relating to law enforcement and crime initiatives.
  • To peruse case files, inquiry files from all over the county for sufficiency of evidence and provision of legal opinions to investigators.
  • To provide legal advises on case management in order to avoid unnecessary complaints against the directorate and lawsuits.
  • To provide Liaison between the Directorate and the State law office and Director of Public Prosecutions.
  • To advise the director and staff on matters of Law, emerging legislations, court decisions best practices and policies.

Compliance and Administration Division
Provides advice to the Directorate concerning the personnel related administrative hearing and personnel disciplinary tribunal procedures.  Provides legal policy advice and guidance concerning criminal investigations jurisdiction, operations and techniques.

Litigation Division
In Liaison with Ag/ODPP coordinates responses to the defense of action filed against the Directorate.  Provision of litigation support to the directorate and staff.  The section shall be responsible to locating, reviewing and processing for release of evidential materials that are relevant to investigation and prosecutions of criminal cases.

Evidence evaluation and analysis Division
Peruses and advises on all inquest, files inquiry files General inquiries and complaints against staff off the Directorate.