Counseling Services

The counseling services were introduced in 2006 by the government as part of the ongoing reforms in the public sector, aimed at improving the productivity of    employees and enhancing service delivery.

Core Function

To co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate Guidance and Counselling Services in the DCI.

Guidance and Counseling Services Offered

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Psychological debriefing
  • Psycho- education programs
  • Mobile counselling services

Goal of Counseling

Counseling is meant to promote personal growth and positive change in an individual (DCI OFFICER).

Why is Counseling helpful to officer(s)?

Counseling helps officers to think through their problem in a realistic manner, and prepares them to handle requisite change without being traumatized.

The change may be in attitudes, perceptions of self or others, habits or behavior which then helps them to overcome or manage the stressful problem. This is achieved through undergoing a learning process whereby the counselee is assisted through three stages; Self-exploration, self-understanding and taking action.

What Are The Benefits of Counseling?

The benefits of counselling include;

  • Helping one to deal with painful symptoms such as self-defeating behavior and difficult feelings.
  • Empowering people see life more truthfully.
  • Assisting people live life with more freedom, control and spontaneity .