This Division is responsible for overall administration and management of the support units at the DCI.
Responsible for:-
  • Implementing the decisions of the Inspector-General;
  • Efficient administration of the Directorate;
  • The day-to-day administration and management of the affairs of the Directorate; and
  • The performance of such other duties as may be assigned by the Inspector General, the Commission, or as may
    be prescribed by this Act, or any other written law.


 The Deputy Director heads this Branch and its responsibilities are:-
  • To deputize the Director and act in his absence.
  • To deal with all the personnel welfare, discipline, promotion, deployment and discharge from service.
  • To identify, select and provide suitable personnel for the Directorate from the National Police Service personnel.
  • To develop manpower through training of both Directorate and the National Police Service personnel.
  • To review periodically the Directorate’s establishment and strength.
  • To coordinate financial and procurement matters in consultation with the Administrative Secretary.


The under listed are support services:-

  • Administrative services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Planning
  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • ICT

Administrative Services

  • Coordination of all support services.
  • Chairing technical units regulatory meetings to integrate DCI strategic direction and direction
  • Contributing into the DCI strategic workplan by collecting ,collating and prioritizing priority areas for implantation through liaison with both uniform and civilian units .
  • Chairing the co-ordination of support services meetings and guide members in coming up with implementable resolutions.
  • Approving and authorizing for procurement of general and routine items to facilitate normal conduct of operations by the DCI sections at large.
  • Chairing meetings and programmes aimed at implementing the cascaded DCI strategic plans to support the mandate of the DCI.
  • Supervising office utility section to ensure that all utility bills are paid.
  • Supervising the cleanliness of the DCI compound through the existing cleaning maintenance companies.
  • Furniture, office equipment and computers maintenance in liaison with office superintendent and ICT unit and service level providers.
  • Maintaining an updated furniture and equipment inventory.
  • Coordinate personnel issues with liaison with HR department on issues such as welfare matters of staff.
  • Overseeing financial control and audit of the Directorates programmes/projects which entails

Human Resource

  • Deployment of civilian staff 
  • Interpreting personnel policies and procedures 
  • Dealing with disciplinary cases for civilian staff
  • Processing annual staff appraisals for civilian staff
  • Counterchecking authenticity of payment of vouchers on claims pertaining to transfer / leave allowances
  • Preparing budgetary estimates on personnel emoluments
  • Maintaining of personnel records
  • Providing secretarial and communication services
Internal Audit
  • Undertaking analysis, appraisals and recommending, effective utilization of resources
  • Providing information on the adequacy and effectiveness of the organizations system of internal financial controls
  • Authenticating the reliability and integrity of information and use of financial resources
  • Safeguarding of government assets


  • Preparing project prioritization plans, designs and documentation.
  • Coordinate project execution by aliasing with the planning unit on project implementation and M&E
  • Attend budgetary planning, monitoring and evaluation meetings, prepare relevant reports and assist in strategic implementation of the DCI overall mandate.

Supply Chain Management

  • Preparing departmental yearly procurement plan
  • Preparing the agenda for ministerial tender committee
  • Certifying all relevant merchant vouchers
  • Countersigning LPO’s and LSO’s
  • Ensuring adherence to tendering and procurement regulations
  • Dealing with disposal of unserviceable, obsolete and surplus stores, equipment and vehicles
  • Managing stores
  • Management of office records and inventories
Finance section
  • Collection, compilation and analysis of information on recurrent expenditure
  • Initiating proposals for reallocation on recurrent budget
  • Preparation in liaison with other departments / formations for short term funding
  • Attend to A.I.E queries on recurrent expenditure
  • Preparation of monthly expenditure returns
  • Responding to audit queries and related financial and management issues
  • Budget planning implementation and control
  • Monitoring and controlling expenditure in the department
  • Costing of projects and scheduling projects and scheduling projects and scheduling of expenditure within available financial resources 
  • Preparing of district allocation budget
  • Preparing monthly returns on expenditure, pending bills and A-in-A
  • Issuing of AIE


  • Ensuring adherence to financial legislation, regulation and procedures
  • Providing timely report for decision making
  • Preparing annual appropriation accounts and responding to audit queries
  • Maintaining books of accounts
  • Maintaining proper cash management
  • Supervising and controlling the requisitioning and issue of accountable documents
  • Preparing monthly expenditure returns
  • Issuing of AIE’s
  • Monitoring revenue collection
  • Processing payment vouchers

   Information Communication Technology(ICT) 

  • Carrying out system analysis, design and programme specification
  • Advising on specification for IT equipment, emerging technologies and standards
  • Identifying and developing the department’s IT requirements
  • Reconstructing and maintaining the network topology
  • Implementing common application across the section
  • Formation technology resource development and training
  • Ensure integrity and security of the database 
  • Maintaining IT systems
  • Ensuring provision of internet and email services

The section serves the Directorate in terms of Transport, Housing, Workshop, Stores and the supervision of Procurement.  The section ensures that all the DCI Sections within the Country receive amongst them items for service delivery and serve members of the Public at large.

Sections under Director of Logistics

  • Housing
  • Motor Workshop
  • Formation Transport Office
  • DCI Stores
  • Maintenance Section


  • Housing of the DCI officers within the Country.
  • Supervision of procuring process and issue of DCI stores.
  • In charge of the DCI motor vehicles within the country.
  • Procurement and distribution of DCI motor vehicles to all relevant sections in the country.
  • The supervision of DCI drivers across the country.
  • In charge of the motor workshop to oversee the repairs of motor vehicles and parts.
  • Maintenance of office DCI buildings.